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To all who claim #WhatsApp was end-to-end encrypted: How do you know? There's no proof that the sender and the recipient are the only ones who can decrypt the messages. It doesn't make sense to spread myths created by the surveillance industry, namely #Facebook.

Open-source messengers on the other hand, like #Signal, @threemaapp, @matrix, @xmpp or @briar, are proven to use #E2EE thanks to their source-code being publicly available.

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Miniature cabinet of curiosities project, I'm ALL DONE 

Hooray! I finished a project!!

I tend to look at things I've made and fixate on the details I wish I could change, but overall I'm happy with this one

I got so hasty when I could see the finish line that I forgot to take separate photos of 2 of the things I made: on the 3rd shelf there's a mummified Egyptian cat, and on the bottom shelf there's a (real) green quartz crystal in a wrought iron holder. Everything else is detailed upthread

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What is XMPP?

For friends who do not know about :xmpp: XMPP, it is a "choice" other than "choices" we usually chose to communicate online in the internet.

So, loosely saying there are WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Matrix, Jami and there is XMPP. It can be your next choice of communication.

Find more explanation at the official source

You might find this post from the XMPP poll above or #XMPP hashtag at Mastodon.

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@jonatasbaldin have you considered hypercore (A.k.a DAT)?
It's the foundation of Beaker Browser.
I personally host my website on https, but also on IPFS and Hypercore.
The main problem with those two technologies is the need of a specific client wich is not common yet.
Anyway, someone has to use a tech to make it reach mainstream.

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Recurring offer reminder: I'll help / mentor / teach / tutor / troubleshoot with anyone who wants to learn git for basic version control, collaboration, managing personal projects, or for a day job. I'll work to connect people with mentors other than me if they prefer - no need to explain why.

Same for bash, command line tools, and so on.

I want using & contributing to FS/OSS to be easier for way more people.

Boosts appreciated!!

#gittutors #git #help #teaching #troubleshooting #ohShitGit

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Delta Chat is the only cross-platform messenger that does not collect data ... we know nothing about users' identities, no logins, no IP addresses, no e-mail addresses, no crypto-keys, no messaging patterns or contacts, no message contents etc. Simply Nada. Zilch. 0.

@CobaltVelvet I really prefer to not outsource my privacy.

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There are web services that won't sell your data, but there aren't web services that'll go to jail for you.

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Schools should be using #Nextcloud.

At least, that's what the French government thinks!

What do YOU think?

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It’s a general Facebook post introducing mastodon, and it’s from last year… perhaps many user left Facebook to mastodon
@Gargron well done 👏🎉🍾

#facebook #block #mastodon #spam

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