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@selfsame maybe a matrix room? Because it's distributed and open source?

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TIL: If you're blocked by NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID on a page in Chrom(e|ium) you can literally type "thisisunsafe" and it'll bypass everything. It's like a cheat code.

This is great for local development with alternative domain names (like testing things out for different TLDs when you don't have the certificates to hand).

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an unsubscribe form that asks you to uncheck every letter of the alphabet that you would like to opt out from

@dansup Me too! Can't wait to see it official so I can reactivate my old self-hosted instance. There is no beta testing?

I was joking because it's Russia and the state members there think that they control everything.
But thanks for the link. I didn't know how the suggestions works.

@transanarca Alice. Adorei a sua história. Pelo menos a parte que você postou até agora.
A parte de desenvolver software livre eu já tenho. Só me falta a kombi e a coragem de sumir no mundo. E a segunda é a mais difícil sempre.
Desejo toda a sorte do mundo e que teus caminhos se mantenham sempre abertos, assim como as portas.

@TheFuzzStone the worse is that maybe he's right. 😂

@maya I'm not good at any kind of art. So I cannot help you with that. Anyway I would be so cool!

@maya This is really a wonderful piece of art. I thought that draw it. 😜
Anyway this is the Caravaggio reference I was talking about

@maya Very nice Idea. I love your site design, but the header skull is soo fantastic. It reminds me some Caravaggio paintings.

@lmorchard Is this some kind of dream house? Now I need a Lady Rainicorn in my office (I need an Office first, there will be an unicorn wall)

@maya If I can suggest something, maybe, make a little change in the emoji? I don't know. Some stripe or a color change? Or flip it so you have a left-handed heart?
Sorry to be too intrusive.
Just trying to help.

@maya I think I understand the feeling. Well I'm using a pride flag, so mine is not mine too.

@maya I don't understand why this would happen, but now I'm glad mine isn't anything heart related.

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@maya I found myself now staring at the screen just watching the bright dots rolling down.

@maya I didn't know that SVGs could be animated. And your site is gorgeius with the fallen stars... or snow? rain maybe?

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