I want to host a HTML file under a domain I own, without needing any central server/organization and without a static IP.

What are my options?

So far, IPFS seems the best. I can put my file on the decentralized network by running my own node and use a TXT DSN entry to point that to my domain (docs.ipfs.io/how-to/websites-o)

Any other alternatives?

I'm looking for something simpler and accessible (explaining IPFS, even for techy people, takes a lot).

boosts appreciated ✨


@jonatasbaldin have you considered hypercore (A.k.a DAT)? hypercore-protocol.org/
It's the foundation of Beaker Browser.
I personally host my website on https, but also on IPFS and Hypercore.
The main problem with those two technologies is the need of a specific client wich is not common yet.
Anyway, someone has to use a tech to make it reach mainstream.

@j thanks, I'll check it out!

I like ur last phrase, on mainstream tech. I really hope I can find a solution as simple as GH pages or Netifly, but I believe we are a long way from that 😓

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